5 months ago
Boto Theatre Sopot
Gouache. Opening the 27th of November 2023 at 7 p.m. The illusory worlds reflect in the crystal surface of the water. A wind-driven kaleidoscope of colourful spots and lines in the blink of an eye transfer me into an abstract Universe. At a meeting point of elements I subconsciously register the ever-changing images.A personal diary of impressions is created.
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Opus I
7 months ago
Filharmonia Bałtycka Gdańsk.
The group show at the Gdańsk Baltic Philharmony will open on September the 21st and will last until October the 12th. The vernissage is scheduled for September the 21st, at 18:00   The music of the sea, the rhytmical sounds of the waves gently stroking the sandy shore combined with the comforting humming of the nights breeze are as inspiring as the warm rays of light piercing through the never-ending landscape of the lively water. These sounds which transform into colors and various shapes, corresponding efortlessly with the vibrations and rhythm which evolve into patterns and lines...
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10 months ago
On the Verge of Elements
Dwór Sześć Dębów. Prusewo. Opening 23.07 at 4 p.m Finissage 20.08  at 4 p.m The show is open 26.06 - 24.09 2023. Fascination with reflections of lights bouncing off the constantly vibrating sea, lace-like patterns of the sandy beach, in a fraction of a second I am transported into an abstract Universe. I find myself at a meeting point of two elements: water and sand, subconsciously registering the ever-changing fleeting images that inspire my compositions. Sparingly used color, lines presenting themselves like gentle waves, colorful spots serving as a journal for my deepest impressions and emotions. A creation of a personal diary.
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a year ago
Gdynia Film Center Gallery
Solo show of paintings by Agnieszka Olędzka The solo show at the Gdynia Film Center Gallery will open on April 17 and will last until May 11. The vernissage is scheduled for April 19, at 19:00   The inspiration for this series of paintings are seaside Sopot landscapes. I note the ephemeral phenomena that light creates on the surface of water and sand, where everything shimmers and is in perpetual vibration. I study the influence of color and immerse myself in the seascape. I synthesize conclusions, find rhythms and harmony. Simplified forms, lace patterns, abstract geometric figures or curved lines characteristic to my art are a visual record of my emotions and impressions. I combine the paintings into diptychs to synthetically show the views that I register at the meeting point of two elements. A seascape viewed from such a vertical perspective is divided into contrasting images. Water and sand, dawn and dusk, sea and beach... Solo show at Gdynia Film Center
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