I note the fleeting, ephemeral phenomena that light creates on the surface of water and sand, where everything shimmers and is in constant vibration. I study the impact of color and get lost in the sea landscape. I synthesize conclusions, find rhythms and harmony. Simplified forms, lace patterns, abstract geometric figures or curved lines characteristic to my painting are a visual record of my emotions and impressions.

A graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Graphics and multimedia designer. Author of paintings and drawings. After graduation, she became involved with the painters' community of southern Netherlands and there she took part in several dozen painting shows. She exhibits his paintings and drawings at solo and group exhibitions of painting and drawing in Poland, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.
2024Scholarship of the Mayor of Sopot in the Field of Culture
2022Award of the Mayor of Gdańsk in the Field of Culture
2022Women's Seascape Painting Competition. Goyki 3 Art Incubator/IOPAN. Sopot. Scholarship Award
2020Scholarship of the Mayor of Sopot in the Field of Culture
1995Image of the End of the Age. Steep Stairs Gallery. Lębork. Award
1985Diploma 1984. Zachęta, Warsaw
1984Painting Competition, Sopot Landscape. BWA. Sopot. Award of the Mayor of Sopot
Solo shows
2023Boto Theatre. Sopot2023Dwór Sześć Dębów. Prusewo2023Gdynia Film Center Gallery2022The Association of Artists Gallery. Gdańsk. Poland. President’s of the City of Gdańsk Award in the field of Culture2020TPS Gallery. Jubilee of 35 years of creativity. President's of the City of Sopot Scholarship. Poland2020Lights. Gallery Nowy Warzywniak. Gdańsk. Poland2019Olędzka/Wróbel. Gallery Strefa Sztuki. Gdańsk. Poland2017Strefa Sztuki Gallery. Gdańsk. Poland2014Art Festival Kunstkijk. The Netherlands2014Gallery Na Miejscu. Gdańsk. Poland2013Gallery Art Affairs. Gdańsk. Poland2013TPS Gallery. Sopot. Poland2004 - 2009The Spanish Court permanent exhibition. Sopot. Poland2007TPS Gallery. Sopot. Poland2006Art Gallery Beskidzka. Szczyrk. Poland2001Artists of Sopot for the Centenary of the City. State Gallery of Art. Sopot. Poland2001Bałtycka Gallery. Koszalin. Poland1997Strome Schody Gallery. Lębork. Poland1995Pro Arte Pax Gallery. Elbląg. Poland1995De Nuo Gallery. Warszawa. Poland1995Gallery Akcent. Białystok. Poland1994t'Oude Raadhuis. Brielle. The Netherlands1994Museum of Modern Art. Gdańsk. Poland1992Kunststation Leerdam. The Netherlands1992International Art Centre. Spijkenisse. The Netherlands1992Gallery De Waag. Brielle. The Netherlands1992Arche Gallery. Gdańsk. Poland1991Bibliotheek Mijnsheeren Land. Mijnsheeren. The Netherlands1990Gallery de Tellor. Alkmaar. The Netherlands1990Gallery Dia e Noite. Geervliet. The Netherlands1990Gallery Expreszo. Delft. The Netherlands1989Gallery Mandala Ei. Oude Tonge. The Netherlands1988Kolner Philharmony. Kolonia. Germany1988Rastede Palais Gallery. Rastede. Germany
Painting and drawing group shows
2023Gdańsk through the prism of sounds. Filharmonia Bałtycka Gdańsk.2022Painting Competition Women’s Image of the Sea. Goyki 3 Art Incubator/IOPAN. Sopot. Poland. Award2022 Cracow Polyptych. Dwór w Tomaszowicach Gallery. Poland2020Colors of the Sea 2020. Frigate Dar Pomorza. Gdynia. Poland2019Strefa Sztuki Gallery. Gdańsk. Poland2007TPS Gallery. Sopot. Poland1999Relationships. Baltic Cultural Center. Gdańsk. Poland1998Artists for Children. Baltic Cultural Center. Gdańsk. Poland199633+3 Museum of Contemporary Art. Gdańsk. Poland1995End of the Age. Strome Schody Gallery. Lębork. Poland. Award1993Białowieża differently. Marszand Gallery. Białystok. Poland1993Polish Landscape. Stara Kordegarda Gallery. Warszawa. Poland/Tokio. Japan1993Contemporary Drawing Triennial. Lubaczów. Poland1990Youth Exhibition. State Gallery of Art. Sopot. Poland1990Friends Exhibition. Arche Gallery. Gdańsk. Poland1987VII Gdańsk Art Biennale. State Gallery of Art. Sopot. Poland19861st International Drawing Triennial. Museum of the City of Kalisz/National Gallery Szczecin. Poland1985VI Gdańsk Art Biennale. State Gallery of Art. Sopot. Poland1985The best student diplomas 1985. State Gallery of Art. Sopot. Poland. Award1984Sopot landscape. State Gallery Sopot. Poland. President’s of the City of Sopot Award
Elżbieta Kal
Steep Stairs Gallery. Lębork.
Wisdom is not a category often used in artistic criticism, but it is difficult to resist the desire to apply it to Agnieszka Olędzka's attitude to painting. The term painting means here the whole process - a set of tangible and intangible factors, psychological and mental stimuli, technical measures available, limitations – as a result of which the image is created.Olędzka’s painterly wisdom arises from the awareness of limitations involved in operating on the closed, two-dimensional surface of the canvas, but on the other hand – it is manifested through the efficient use of the possibilities this medium offers to express one's feelings, to experience an object without crossing the genre's boundaries. The reluctance to copy, to imitate nature, the rejection of all artificiality represent a kind of honesty towards the recipient, the motive and the creator. The author’s particular focus is on the personal element – creativity is her way to her inner being, and furthermore – free artistic expression is a form of joy and pleasure. To indicate that objects are the source of Olędzka's output will be a truism, but an object often becomes an abstract element – without its physical materiality and real context, it acquires artistic substantiality. The simplicity of form and the unconventionally used colour seemingly mean the rejection of all laws and rules, all academic knowledge. It seems, however, that the professional background combined with talent, imagination and creative courage have resulted in this higher state of artistic consciousness, where the requirement of correct, aesthetic painting substitutes the choice of means appropriate to the temperament, will and psyche of the author. This is the level at which the words „artist” and „painter” mean the same. Elżbieta Kal
Gabriela Kurowska
State Gallery Sopot
Ms Agnieszka Olędzka living in Sopot is an artist known for her original work and pursuing painting and graphics successfully. Her best known pieces of work include gouache on paper. Their bold convention has been inspired by children’s creative activity. The surprisingly simple and cheerful subject matter expressed in a laconic way (which is an advantage here ), with strongly contrasting composition of colours and rhythmic touches of the brush - these are artistic means used by the artist for building charming and graceful pictures full of optimism and child-like selfless delight in the external world. The artist cultivates this innovative childishness, leaving her pictures touching but free of today’s persistent didactic comments on the modern times. We have been following Agnieszka’s work for a long time. In the year 2001 we invited her to make a presentation in our gallery. The exhibition took place from 1st to 25th March 2001. We had a high opinion about it and it also enjoyed the interest in public and media. On this occasion our gallery issued a catalogue designed by the author of the exhibition. The State Gallery of Art in Sopot grants its full artistic recommendation to Mrs Agnieszka Olędzka. Gabriela Kurowska. Curator. State Gallery of Art in Sopot.